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Fairy Designs is one of the few companies that provide a truly democratic workplace / environment where democracy reflects in its true essence. Furthermore our employees can expect an open and free environment for communication with leaders of the origination. Our culture is a reflection of the simple values that have been ingrained through our acts of commitment towards society. We were a fistful of people when the company was incorporated. Today, we are rapidly but steadily growing. With an expansion plan that requires us to make our presence felt in fashion industry , we are aiming to increase our employee base enormously.
Employee Growth at Fairy Designs
All the people who work or plan to work with us have one thing in common and that is undying commitment to quality. Our employees are the most precious gems for us, highly valued and cared for. They bring to us values from diverse cultures, which is visible in their way of working as well as in designs or ideas. Our people infuse an interesting work culture within Fairy Designs borrowing some and lending some to others.
Though we do not set biased approach to selections, we do take care to provide balanced opportunities to all sections like local communities, people from other parts of the country and the world, so that a culture of diversity prevails. A special focus is in place to provide opportunity and empowerment of under privileged individuals.
At Fairy Designs, existing employees are given various opportunities to develop holistically. Internal job postings and internal recruitments ensure that they have enough flexibility in terms of job roles. By putting our people on job rotation we ensure their vertical as well as horizontal growth. As a result employees become more responsible as well as learn new skills.
We aim at treating our entire team with fairness, dignity and equity. The admiration and love that we get from them in return speaks volumes about our culture.
Come and Join us to be a part of the Success Story of the Future!
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